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Sweethearts 2014 edition

As new documentation continues to surface regarding the lives of Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, we will post on this page a list of links to items of interest for those who have read the 2014 edition of  Sweethearts.  These may be articles, photos, audio files and/or videos. The links are listed with the book chapter in which they fall. New information and minor corrections are also noted here as well.

This page will be updated as time permits and new information is available.

Anyone who has read earlier editions of the book are urged to read the 2014 version which has a tremendous amount of truly vital new information.

The paperback edition is available at this link and the Kindle ebook version from Amazon here.

Chapter 2

Nelson’s handwritten letter to Jeanette, November 1934: “You’re the grandest person in the world”

Chapter 6

Jeanette’s Broadway debut

Chapter 8

Intimacy and Jeanette experiencing Nelson’s temper

Nelson’s sexual musings

Chapter 9

Nelson’s handwritten letter to “Dearest Jeanette…I love you…”, Christmas 1935

Chapter 11

Nelson and Jeanette on a date together

Maytime: Sing to the tree…

Chapter 12

Nelson: A lively “corpse” in “The Girl of the Golden West”

“The Girl of the Golden West”: “Obey Your Heart” – what to watch for

Chapter 13

The Gene Raymond connection, part one

The Gene Raymond connection, part two

Chapter 15

Jeanette’s pregnancy

Jeanette’s fall on the stairs in “Sweethearts”

Pregnancy photos and more about late 1938

Chapter 16

Nelson’s Chase & Sanborn broadcast three days after his marriage

Chapter 17

New documentation about their “New Moon” reconciliation

Chapter 18

Jeanette secretly joins Nelson in Washington, D.C. after he sings at FDR’s Inaugural Gala

Nelson as an extra on Jeanette’s film “Smilin’ Through”

Chapter 20

More on the aliases they used as a couple

Chapter 22

“My Wonder One” – Nelson’s song to Jeanette

Chapter 23

Norma Nelson, “The Electric Hour” script-girl

Chapter 25

Jeanette and Nelson’s 1948 Lake Tahoe trip

Chapter 26

Nelson’s bitterness and song message, 1952

This is Your Life, 1952 – what to watch for

Nelson on the Ed Sullivan Show – 18 days after “This is Your Life”

Chapter 27

Jeanette and Nelson on Lux Video Theater, 1956

Chapter 28

Nelson letter: “Give her my continuous love.”

Jeanette’s handwritten 1963 desk diary verifies the reality of her married life and the abuse and neglect in her sad last years

Chapter 29

Jeanette’s death – Nelson’s reaction

Jeanette’s funeral

Nelson – a month later

More on Jeanette’s death and her “camp’s” attitude toward Nelson

Chapter 30

Nelson Eddy’s funeral


Blossom Rock’s friendship with the author

More on Blossom Rock

Blossom Rock: two days before her death


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