“My Wonder One” (aka “My Magic You”) sung by Nelson Eddy

Today marks the 70th anniversary of Nelson Eddy introducing a new song on radio. It was announced as “My Wonder One” with the sheet music published as “My Magic You.” Whatever the title, on January 13, 1946, Nelson’s fans tuned in to his weekly radio series, The Electric Hour, and wondered at the love-sick lyrics written by Nelson himself, set to music by Nelson’s accompanist Ted Paxson. For those of you who have watched Nelson’s “schmaltzy” performance singing on the 1954 Bob Hope TV show (following his unexpected appearance on Jeanette’s guest radio spot with Bob Hope, so Nelson was in a highly emotional mood) you might notice a similar heightened, blatant emotion. The song stunned Nelson’s listeners and the fans were all abuzz afterwards…could it really be true, etc….

Listen to the song at the link below.

Thanks to Katie Gardner for putting together a new video for this song, using Nelson’s own handwritten words to Jeanette that only serve to back up the intimate lyrics he wrote and sang.