Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy Movies – a Complete List:

The Love Parade (Paramount, 1929). Produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Songs: “Dream Lover”, “My Love Parade”, “March of the Grenadiers”. Cast: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Lupino Lane, Lillian Roth, Virginia Bruce, Jean Harlow (as an extra).

The Vagabond King (Paramount, 1930). Filmed in Technicolor. Music by Rudolph Friml. Songs: “Only a Rose”, “Some Day”, “Song of the Vagabonds”, “If I Were King”. Cast: Dennis King, Jeanette MacDonald, Lillian Roth, Warner Oland.

Paramount on Parade (Paramount, 1930) This was an all-star revue featuring most of the Paramount stars of the day. Some sequences were filmed in Technicolor, and several directors were involved. Jeanette was completely cut out of the American version, though in the Spanish version she served as Mistress of Ceremonies, and sang one number with David Newell while floating in a gondola along the Grand Canal.

Let’s Go Native (Paramount, 1930). Songs: “I’ve Got a Yen For You”, “It Seems to Be Spring”, “Let’s Go Native”, “My Mad Moment”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Jack Oakie, Kay Francis (she sings!).

Monte Carlo (Paramount, 1930). Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Songs include: “Beyond the Blue Horizon”. Cast: Jack Buchanan, Jeanette MacDonald, Zasu Pitts.

The Lottery Bride (UA, 1930) Finale filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “You’re An Angel”, “I’ll Follow the Trail”, “My Northern Light”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, John Garrick, Joe E.Brown, Zasu Pitts, Robert Chisolm.

Oh, For a Man (Fox 1930). Jeanette sings Wagner’s “Liebestod” from Tristan and Isolde and “On a Summer Night”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Reginald Denny, Bela Lugosi.

Don’t Bet on Women (Fox, 1930). No songs. Cast: Edmund Lowe, Jeanette MacDonald, Roland Young.

Annabelle’s Affairs (Fox, 1931): Song: “If Someone Should Kiss You”. Cast: Victor McLaglen, Jeanette MacDonald, Roland Young, Sally Blane, Joyce Compton.

One Hour With You (Paramount, 1932). Produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch and George Cukor. This was a remake of Lubitsch’s 1924 film The Marriage Circle. Songs: “One Hour With You”, “Oh, That Mitzi”, “We Will Always Be Sweethearts”, “What Would You Do”, “Three Times a Day”, “What a Thing Like a Wedding Ring Can Do”. Cast: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Genvieve Tobin, Charles Ruggles, Roland Young.

Love Me Tonight (Paramount, 1932). Produced and directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Rodgers & Hart songs: “Isn’t It Romantic”, “Mimi”, “Love Me Tonight”, “Lover”. Cast: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Myrna Loy.

Handlebars (MGM, 1933). A Pete Smith 10-minute short, about the history of the bicycle. Nelson has an uncredited role, singing “Daisy Belle” (A Bicycle Built for Two).

Broadway to Hollywood (MGM, 1933). Cast: Alice Brady, Frank Morgan, Mickey Rooney, Jackie Cooper. Nelson had a walk-on role and sang one number, “In the Garden of My Heart”.

Dancing Lady (MGM, 1933). Producer David O. Selznick, directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Cast: Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Franchot Tone. Among the performers who had walk-on roles were Fred Astaire, The Three Stooges, and Nelson, who sang the Rodgers & Hart “Rhythm of the Day”.

The Cat and the Fiddle (MGM, 1933). Based on the Jerome Kern-Otto Harbach musical play. Songs include “The Night Was Made for Love”, “Try to Forget”. Cast: Ramon Novarro, Jeanette MacDonald, Frank Morgan.

Student Tour (MGM, 1934). Cast: Jimmy Durante, Charles Butterworth, Betty Grable. Nelson played himself and had a few lines of dialogue, plus sang “The Carlo”.

The Merry Widow (MGM, 1934). Produced and directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Based on Franz Lehar’s operetta The Merry Widow. Songs: “Girls, Girls, Girls”, “Maxim’s”, “Vilia”, “Tonight Will Teach Me to Forget”, “The Merry Widow Waltz”. Cast: Maurice Chevalier, Jeanette MacDonald, Edward Everett Horton, Una Merkel, Herman Bing. Note: An entirely different supporting cast was used for the French version of this film, La Veuve Joyeuse.

Naughty Marietta (MGM, 1935). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II. Victor Herbert songs include: “Chansonette”, “Tramp, Tramp, Tramp”, “Owl and the Bobcat”, “‘Neath the Southern Moon”, “Italian Street Song, “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Frank Morgan, Elsa Lanchester.

Rose Marie (MGM, 1936). Directed by W.S.Van Dyke II. Based on the Rudolph Friml-Herbert Stothart operetta. Songs: “Rose Marie”, “Song of the Mounties”, “Indian Love Call”, “Totem Tom Tom”, “Pardon Me Madame”, “Just For You”, Jeanette sings operatic excerpts from Gounod’s “Romeo and Juliet” and Puccini’s “Tosca”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, James Stewart, Allan Jones, David Niven, Herman Bing.

San Francisco (MGM, 1936). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II. Songs: “San Francisco”, “Would You”, arias from “Faust” and “La Traviata”. Cast: Clark Gable, Jeanette MacDonald, Spencer Tracy, Jack Holt.

Maytime (MGM, 1937). Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Songs: “Will You Remember” “Virginia Ham and Eggs”, “Student Drinking Song”, “Carry Me Back to Old Virginny”, “Les Filles de Cadiz”, Page’s Aria from Les Huguenots by Meyerbeer, “Czaritza”, based on Tschaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, John Barrymore, Herman Bing.

The Firefly (MGM, 1937). Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Based on the Rudolph Friml operetta. Filmed in sepia. Songs include: “Love is Like a Firefly”, “Sympathy”, “Giannina Mia”, “Donkey Serenade”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Allan Jones, Warren William, Douglas Dumbrille.

Rosalie (MGM, 1937). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II. Cole Porter songs include: “Rosalie”, “In the Still of the Night”. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Eleanor Powell, Ilona Massey, Ray Bolger, Frank Morgan, Edna May Oliver.

The Girl of the Golden West (MGM, 1938). Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Songs by Sigmund Romberg and Gus Kahn include: “Soldiers of Fortune”, “Shadows on the Moon”, “Obey Your Heart”. Filmed in sepia. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Walter Pigeon, Leo Carrillo, Buddy Ebsen.

Sweethearts (MGM, 1938). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II. Based on the Victor Herbert operetta. Filmed in Technicolor (and won a special Oscar). Songs include: “For Ev’ry Lover Must Meet His Fate”, “Sweethearts”, “Pretty as a Picture”, “Summer Serenade”, “On Parade”, “Little Grey Home in the West”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Herman Bing.

Let Freedom Ring (MGM, 1939). Filmed in sepia. Songs: “Dusty Road”, Drigo’s “Love Serenade”. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Virginia Bruce, Lionel Barrymore, Edward Arnold, Victor McLaglen, Charles Butterworth, H.B. Warner.

Broadway Serenade (MGM, 1939). Produced and directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Finale sequence staged by Busby Berkeley. Songs: “For Every Lonely Heart”, “Rhapsody”, “Flying High”, “One Look At You”, “Un Bel Di” from “Madame Butterfly. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Lew Ayres, Ian Hunter, Frank Morgan.

Balalaika (MGM, 1939) Songs: “At the Balalaika”, “Ride, Cossack, Ride”, “Volga Boatman”, “The Magic of Your Love”, “Silent Night”, vocal selections set Bizet’s “Carmen”, including the Toreador Song. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Ilona Massey, Charles Ruggles, Frank Morgan.

New Moon (MGM, 1940). Produced and directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Based on the Sigmund Romberg operetta. Songs: “Lover, Come Back to Me”, “Wanting You”, “Softly as in a Morning Sunrise”, “Stouthearted Men”, “One Kiss”, “Marianne”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Mary Boland, George Zucco, H.B. Warner.

Bitter Sweet (MGM, 1940). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II, based on the Noel Coward play. Filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “Ziguener”, “If You Could Only Come With Me”, “Kiss Me”, “I’ll See You Again”, “Dear Little Cafe”, “What is Love”, “Ladies of the Town”, “Tokay”, “Love in Any Language”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, George Sanders, Ian Hunter, Herman Bing.

Smilin’ Through (MGM, 1941). Directed by Frank Borzage. Filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “Smilin’ Through”, “Just a Little Love, a Little Kiss”, Bizet’s “Ouvre Ton Coeur”, “The Kerry Dance”, “Hope and Glory”, “Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Brian Aherne, Gene Raymond, Ian Hunter.

The Chocolate Soldier (MGM, 1941). Based on the Molnar play “The Guardsman”. Songs: “While My Lady Sleeps”, “Song of the Flea”, “Evening Star”, “My Hero”, “Sympathy”, “The Chocolate Soldier”, “Forgive”, “Ti-Ra-La-La”. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Rise Stevens, Nigel Bruce.

I Married An Angel (MGM, 1942). Directed by W.S.Van Dyke II. Songs: “I Married An Angel”, “Spring is Here”, “I’ll Tell the Man in the Street”, “A Twinkle in Your Eye”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Edward Everett Horton, Binnie Barnes.

Cairo (MGM, 1942). Directed by W.S. Van Dyke II. Songs: “The Maid from Cadiz”, “Buds Won’t Bud”, “A Woman Without a Man”, “Keep the Light Burning Bright in the Harbor”, “Cairo”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Robert Young, Ethel Waters, Lionel Atwill, Dooley Wilson.

The Phantom of the Opera (Universal, 1943). Directed by Arthur Lubin. Filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “Lullaby of the Bells”. Nelson sings the drinking song from “Martha”, and two operatic scenes based on themes by Chopin and Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Susanna Foster, Claude Rains.

Knickerbocker Holiday (UA, 1944). Based on the Maxwell Anderson play. Songs include “September Song”. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Charles Coburn, Constance Dowling, Shelley Winters.

Follow the Boys (Universal, 1944). Jeanette played herself in an all-star revue, singing two numbers, “Beyond the Blue Horizon” and “I’ll See You In My Dreams”.

Make Mine Music (Walt Disney, 1946). Similar to “Fantasia” in style, this film consisted of ten musical/animated segments. Nelson’s ten-minute sequence about Willie, “The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met” was the most popular portion of the film, and has been released by Disney video as a short subject.

Northwest Outpost (Republic, 1947). Rudolph Friml songs include: “One More Mile to Go”, “Raindrops on a Drum”, “Russian Easter Hymn”, “Weary”. Cast: Nelson Eddy, Ilona Massey, Joseph Schilkraut, Elsa Lanchester.

Three Daring Daughters (MGM, 1948). Filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “The Dickey Bird song”, “Route 66”, “You Made Me Love You”, “Sweethearts”, Grieg’s “Springtide”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Jose Iturbi, Jane Powell, [Mary] Elinor Donahue, Moyna MacGill (Angela Lansbury’s mother).

The Sun Comes Up (MGM, 1949). Music by Andre Previn. Filmed in Technicolor. Songs: “Un Bel Di” from “Madame Butterfly”, “Songs My Mother Taught Me”, “Tes Jolies Yeux”, “Cousin Ebenezer”, “Romance”. Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Claude Jarman, Jr., Lassie, Lloyd Nolan, Percy Kilbride, Margaret Hamilton.

Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, selected TV appearances and films of interest:

Jeanette  on The Voice of Firestone. Her first TV performance from 1950. Very stagy and she seems nervous but sings beautifully the following songs: “March of the Grenadiers,” “Will You Remember,” “Charlie is My Darling” and “Italian Street Song.”

Nelson Eddy’s Backyard This 1951 half-hour sitcom was delightful and Nelson sings several times, but it was never picked up as a series. His co-stars include Jan Clayton (later Lassie’s mother on the TV series) and Nelson’s real-life accompanist, Ted Paxson. Filmed while he was separated from separated from Jeanette, his painting of Lake Tahoe hangs on the wall while he looks at the camera and sings “Wish You Were Here.”

Nelson Eddy on Bob Hope Show This 1954 episode aired just after Jeanette MacDonald was a guest on Bob Hope’s radio show. Nelson made a surprise visit to the radio show, was in lively spirits on the air (carrying her offstage) and on the subsequent TV show. Nelson looks right at the camera and sings his own lyrics to “Symphony”. He also sing also “Rose Marie” but the highlight of this TV show is a hilarious musical comedy skit by Nelson and Bob Hope.

The Desert Song The 1955 TV movie, filmed live in color (although few folks had color TVs then), starring Nelson Eddy, Gale Sherwood and Nelson’s friend Salvatore Baccaloni.

Jeanette MacDonald in “Prima Donna”  (Screen Director’s Playhouse), February 1, 1956. Intended to be a pilot for a sitcom but was not picked up.

Nelson Eddy on The Danny Thomas Show, September 8, 1956. Nelson does one of his nightclub numbers but the highlight is Nelson’s wry quip about never forgiving Gene Raymond for marrying Jeanette.

Lux Video Theater Their first TV appearance together, December 20, 1956, in which Jeanette and Nelson sing their best-loved songs and their chemistry together is amazing.

Nelson Eddy on Tennessee Ernie Ford Show, January 3, 1957. Nelson again sings a meaningful song regarding his personal life, “Two Different Worlds.” At the show’s end, he is surprised when handed a telegram from Jeanette.

Charley’s Aunt The March 27, 1957 TV movie starring Jeanette MacDonald, Art Carney, Orson Bean, and Gene Raymond.

The Big Record (The Patti Page Show), September 25, 1957. Their second and final TV variety show together in which Nelson sings “Out of the Night” and they duet “Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life.”

Person to Person (Edward R. Murrow) with guests Jeanette and Gene. Although Jeanette has wonderful moments like admitting she liked seeing herself onscreen recently, she and Gene seemed stilted together and she gets sarcastic when explaining how fans think Gene is Nelson and vice versa.

Nelson Eddy on the Jack Paar Tonight Show, January 31, 1960. Nelson states he loves Jeanette and thinks she loves him too.

Nelson Eddy on Guy Lombardo New Year’s Eve Party, December 31, 1966. A somewhat inebriated Nelson sings his way into 1967. About ten weeks later, after returning from touring Australia, he suffered a massive stroke onstage while singing and died the next morning.

That’s Entertainment!, the complete collection. Jeanette and Nelson have short clips in films 1 and 2. But for just a few dollars more than purchasing Volumes 1 and 2 separately, you get a 4-disc set with #3 and several new documentaries, plus introductions by Robert Osborne. This is the definitive history of MGM musicals, even if they do skimp on the Jeanette and Nelson clips. After all, MacDonald and Eddy were the ones who put MGM musicals on the map.