Happy Holidays and music from Mac/Eddy!

Jeanette and Nelson ChristmasIt’s Christmas week and we celebrate hope and the holiday spirit with Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald!

Download or listen… and enjoy!

Nelson: Joy to the World

Nelson: Oh, Come All Ye Faithful

Nelson: Silent Night

Nelson: Deck the Halls

Nelson: O Holy Night

Nelson: White Christmas

Sadly, Jeanette MacDonald never recorded a Christmas album but we have one song she sang on a Christmas radio show.

Jeanette: Christmas Song

And finally….here is a video of Nelson singing “Silent Night” in German…as his Russian character in Balalaika sings to Austrian soldiers during a World War I truce…an event that really happened in history! Let us hope that we can learn from history and create peace in the coming year!

Thanks to Angela Messino for the graphic above based on a screenshot by Lynda Tucker.