Autistic young baritone Sean Maher discovers Nelson Eddy

A 17-year old singer describes Nelson Eddy to his generation: “The most inspirational voice you’ve never heard.”

That’s right! Well into the 21st century, Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald continue to inspire and find new audiences – both with their music and their films! Below is an article written by Sean Maher for his high school newspaper. Sean is currently watching all the MacDonald/Eddy musicals and wrote on Facebook: “I watched Rose Marie, then Naughty Marietta. I’ll probably do Maytime next. It’d take hours to watch all of them back to back, and because I’m autistic, my attention span is only so long.”

sean maher article

Sean writes: “Nelson Eddy lived in a time where you actually had to be able to sing in order to be considered a talented singer; there were no computers to edit your voice. He has a better voice than most popular voices today.” He adds that Nelson “was an inspiration to the kids of his day, and is an inspiration to me….Just five minutes of your time is all I ask to open you up to a talented man, who in his time entertained, enriched lives, and inspired many people.”

Sean also has a beautiful baritone voice and here is a video of him singing at his school talent show.

Thanks to Sean’s mother, Eileen Maher, for giving us permission to re-publish Sean’s article and video on our website, and to Bern Schwartz for coordinating.

You can contact Sean directly on his Facebook profile.