Jeanette & Nelson: The month in tabloids

November 2016: A dubious honor indeed;  Jeanette and Nelson made it into the “rags” twice! And what’s even more surprising, the information about them is true!

The first magazine has a cover story about “What’s true &  what’s false: Hollywood’s most scandalous rumors!” Among stories about Shirley Temple, Clark Gable, Rudolph Valentino, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and others; lo and behold, they mention Jeanette and the fact that LB Mayer ordered her to have an abortion BUT that she miscarried Nelson’s baby…see below.

And then, in another tabloid there is a cover story about Shirley Temple, “What the World Never Knew.” The article opens with “a murder attempt” that we are very familiar with, her 1939 radio debut with Nelson…and the magazine has small photo of the two together on that broadcast!