Harry Knowles’ review of new Lubitsch collection


Harry Knowles runs the very popular Ain’t It Cool News movie website. His audience is largely made up of younger movie-goers. Hence, it’s nice to see his two thumbs up review of the new Lubitsch DVD release:

“One of the most forgotten great directors of the Golden Age of Hollywood amongst today’s younger set is Ernst Lubitsh. One of the greatest directors of any era. Here we have a great collection of his musicals – 3 of the 4 films were nominated for Best Picture. They star the likes of Jeanette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier and Claudette Colbert – and the musicals are those fantastic melodrama musicals. As usual – Criterion kicks ass with the presentation and mastering of these four films. These are incredibly superior films – which is as usual with Lubitsch.”