Photos of Nelson Eddy’s grave, Jeanette MacDonald’s crypt, June 2009

Nelson Eddy's grave - with flowers from the Mac/Eddy Club, 6/29/09
Nelson Eddy's grave - with flowers and flags from the Mac/Eddy Club, 6/29/09

Every year, the Mac/Eddy Club holds a Birthday Bash honoring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy on the last Sunday of June. Afterwards, or usually on Nelson’s birthday (since it’s always close to the date of our event) some of the fans visit their graves and place flowers.

The gals that were responsible for purchasing the urns in front of the grave markers – on behalf of the Mac/Eddy Club – made their yearly visit on Nelson’s birthday. The next day they visited Jeanette’s grave. They graciously emailed us pictures to share with you, along with this email:

Thank you for a lovely meeting on Sunday. Everyone truly enjoyed the Brent Perry interview.

We went to the Hollywood Forever cemetery to bring our birthday flowers for Nelson. When we arrived, no one had been there. We did our usual trimming and cleaning…We always put in an hour’s worth of trimming and grooming the site and placing our flowers before [the NEAS rep arrives], and add their flowers. We have been doing this for nearly 10 years.

I have attached the “after” (with our flowers) , complete with our flags for the Fourth of July to symbolize Nelson’s love of country. It would be nice if you would post the photo of the way we left the site with our flowers….Brian and Beryl [members from the U.K.] brought the lovely basket in the middle.

Today, we made a special trip to Forest Lawn to visit Jeanette’s site and took two small bouquets, each containing two pink roses which we placed on each side of her crypt in memory of Nelson’s love for her.

Here are the photos showing the lovely flowers. Thank you, gals, for your loving care every year, as always!

Jeanette MacDonald's crypt with flowers placed in her memory, 6/30/09
Jeanette MacDonald's crypt with roses placed in her memory, 6/30/09