Remembering Marilyn Edelman, one of our first Mac/Eddy members

Marilyn Edelman

I received an email a couple of months ago from Cory Edelman: “My Mother, Marilyn Edelman, was an original and long-time member of the Club and a devoted fan of Jeanette and Nelson. I am sorry to report that she passed away in February 2013.” In a later email, he added, “I’ve attached a recent photo of my Mom. It would be fine to note my Mom’s support of the Club since its inception and her unwavering appreciation of Jeanette and Nelson, her quest for any and all videos of their films and how she enjoyed watching them over and over, never tiring of their being to her the ideal romantic screen couple and of their great musical talents.”

Marilyn was one of our very first club members and for many years she attended our Los Angeles-area meetings. Even in later years, when she was unable to join us for events, we spoke on the phone many times. She always liked to catch up on the latest news and research findings.

Cory kindly donated her collection to us. We are always grateful for such thoughtfulness as complete sets of our magazines are – and will continue to be – donated to various film libraries and museums. Scrapbooks, photos and other memorabilia are so very useful and shared with all our members via the magazines, calendars, website photos, and plain research! Down the road, all of these items will end up in one or more larger donations on behalf of our Mac/Eddy Club. But in the meantime, the materials are shared in our group with those who love Jeanette and Nelson, as Marilyn did.

The very first scrapbook donation, by the way, came to us quite a few years ago from actress Phyllis Kirk, who was afraid her precious Jeanette and Nelson scrapbook would be thrown out by uncaring family members after her death, so she wanted it in safe hands while she was still living.

I want to thank Cory again, and offer him our condolences and best wishes.