Mac/Eddy Meeting, Clearwater, FL, Sunday Nov 6th

We have finalized details for a club meeting in Clearwater, FL as follows:

Date: Sunday, November 6, 1-4 pm
Place: my mother’s condo (address to be provided when you RSVP. (For those coming from Tampa or not familiar with the area, the major roads nearby are Highway 19 and Gulf-to-Bay.)
Admission: $10 to cover food, payable at the door

IMPORTANT: My mom has moved to a different condo in her complex since the last meeting we had at her place. I don’t want to give her address out here so please:

1. email us  immediately if you’re planning to attend
2. how many people are in your party?
3. please provide your phone number
4. note anything you’d like me to bring for you in particular, ie, certain books or whatever

You will be emailed exact directions and address.

ALSO IMPORTANT: Based on the initial Facebook survey I did about this meeting, we are anticipating a smallish group so mom’s condo will work just fine…however; if many more people want to attend, we may have to shift the location to a nearby hotel. So please let me know today if you’re planning to join us. Either way, we will email you the exact address whether it’s held at mom’s or elsewhere.

I apologize for the lateness in finalizing these details, but I re-injured my back a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure I could travel. But mom is way overdue for a visit and also, we are way overdue having a meeting in Florida…so I’m making the trip and am excited to see some of you very soon! 🙂 We’ll have lots of time to answer questions and I’ll bring some video interviews to watch as well.