Letter from a new Jeanette MacDonald – Nelson Eddy fan…

Hi Sharon,

I am reading your book Sweethearts and I have watched MaytimeRose Marie and Sweethearts twice in the last couple of weeks.  As a result, I have fallen madly in love with these two gorgeous and talented people and their glorious voices, and at the same time have been devastated by their frustrating inability to find a way to join their lives in a harmonious and stable marriage when they were so obviously meant to do so.

Your richly detailed and informative book makes me believe that they were in fact all things to each other:  lover, friend, brother/sister, father/mother, child.  Their volatile passion—especially Nelson’s for Jeanette—as well as their compassion and tender regard for one another’s welfare are just two of the many facets of their relationship.  It is an amazing story and I am unable to put it aside for very long, no matter that I have to go to work every day and try to live a reasonable and productive life myself.

Just now I learned through Amazon that there are South American versions of their films on DVD.  What is your opinion of these products?  Am I wrong, or is it true that no one in this country is planning to issue them on DVD anytime soon?  If not, that is really too bad considering that it isn’t going to be long before VCRs will be obsolete.

Thank you for your time and for making this information about these fascinating people available to us.  I am truly grateful to have this peek into their personal lives, an experience which makes me wish I could have known them.

Best wishes,


Answer: I have seen the South American DVDs of Rose Marie and Maytime. Once you turn off the Portuguese subtitles, the films are excellent quality and sound. If you’re desperate to have them on DVD, this certainly is an option.