Another verification of the Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy Romance…

Excerpted from a post on our Yahoo group…

The overwhelming facts that Jeanette and Nelson were in love are there. There are too many people that have come forward and post out their experiences with seeing Jeanette and Nelson when they should never have been seen there together.

I have told this story before to this group. I myself went to Senior Thanksgiving dinner years ago, and at the table we got to talking about Nelson and Jeanette. The lady next to me told the table of how she and her husband had no children. They both adored Nelson and Jeanette. They had money and nothing to do, so they decided to ‘follow’ Nelson and Gale in America.

This nice lady told us how they soon discovered that Jeanette was in the audience no matter where they went to see Nelson perform throughout the USA – sure enough, Jeanette was there. A table up front, sometimes a table further back, Jeanette was usually alone, yet there. There were even a few times that Gene was with Jeanette if they were singing around Los Angeles, but Gene was never there while Nelson performed around the country… but Jeanetee was there, always. When Gene was with her, Nelson never came out at the end to get her. Jeanette and Gene always got up and left with the attending crowd. People would talk to Jeanette after the show in the lobby. This woman claimed this event went on all over the country, for over the year that they followed Nelson, until things happened at home that did not give them the time to follow Nelson as they had, for over a year.

I said to the lady, well they say Jeanette and Nelson were in love…and the lady said, oh, no, they were just friends. I started to laugh, yeah, just friends.

The lady said, oh, yes, Jeanette just liked his voice. So, I said… then why didn’t Jeanette just buy some records and stay home and listen to them. NOBODY follows a friend around the country for a year – and is just friends. NOBODY. This lady said oh, no, Jeanette just liked his voice.

Okayyyy… if you insist!!!!

Well – this lady insisted, Jeanette was there – all the time – front and center the entire time they followed Nelson around the country themselves. Sometimes Nelson would have Jeanette come up and sing with him – but most of the time he would come down after the performance and get her and they would go backstage together. Nelson always acknowledged Jeanette as soon as he saw her even when she was with Gene, he would acknowledge them both. Nelson would come down from the stage and shake hands with Gene. Nelson never asked Jeanette to sing with him when Gene Raymond was around.

Now…she had no reason to tell us she followed Nelson around the country. To anyone that did not know Nelson, this woman would have sounded like some sort of nutcase. No one would ever know that Jeanette was always there to hear Nelson sing. He moved from city to city. Only this couple that moved from city to city with Nelson would ever know that Jeanette was there too.

No. Naahhh…. this lady was telling me what she saw going on without her ever knowing she was talking to a sinner that believed in the romance of Jeanette and Nelson – while this little ole lady, insisted that they were just friends.

Yeah, right. Just friends.

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