Join Sharon Rich in NYC August 10 at musical event!

I will be at the August 10 performance of “The Diva and the Baritone” at 7 pm. (See below for details.) Hallie and Ted are singing, will include Jeanette and Nelson in the show and also give me a shout-out.  I’ve been asked to bring some books along for signing, so if you will be in New York City next week and want to join me, please do! (In fact, if you make a reservation, please email me and let me know so we can arrange to sit together.) Their show is wonderful and last time they performed it several people approached me afterwards who had a personal Jeanette or Nelson connection. In fact, the father of their accompanist is a well-known actor and a huge Jeanette MacDonald-Nelson Eddy fan. You never know what interesting people you will meet at a show like this…and of course, the music is beautifully sung. See you there!