Jeanette MacDonald Nelson Eddy Yahoo Group 7th Anniversary!

Jeanette MacDonald Nelson Eddy 7th Anniversary

Wow! It’s been 7 years since our club member Bernadette Schwartz took over the daunting task of running our Yahoo! group. This has provided Mac/Eddy Club  fans a forum to discuss anything Jeanette MacDonald and/or Nelson Eddy. Bern, as she is affectionately called, has done a great job and I want to give her a hearty THANK YOU! It is not easy running a “social network” group as you can well imagine.  Folks sometimes have strong opinions, bad hair days..or just need to vent.  That Bern has managed to keep the “blips” to a minimum and has a happy, growing membership says a lot about her. As of today we have 91 people in our Yahoo! group.

If you have not yet joined our Yahoo! group you should do so. We have a wealth of photos, music files, other documents and very cool memorabilia uploaded for members to enjoy. Also, we have among the group some that either knew Nelson/Jeanette themselves or have excellent connections about some of the information that I’ve written about the Jeanette-Nelson story over the years. In the group one can be as active as they like or just read the posts and keep up with the latest. Bern and the group also act as my eyes and ears for news items that come up pertaining to our stars. I can’t be everywhere and don’t profess to know everything…so I greatly appreciate the contributions of the group members to keep up with timely events for all of us.

The other person I want to thank is Vonnie Krotts. She does gorgeous Jeanette/Nelson artwork and provided this beautiful anniversary postcard on behalf of our Yahoo! group. Thank you, Vonnie!

Here’s to another 7+ years of all things Jeanette and Nelson!

The direct link to join our Mac/Eddy Yahoo! group is here.

Have a great weekend!