January 14, 1965… Remembering Jeanette – Listen!

Forty-five years ago, the front page of worldwide newspapers announced the death of movie star Jeanette MacDonald. It was a shock to many that she died so young. But fans that had kept in touch with her via her fan club were aware that she had struggled with ill health for many years.

Her closest confidante – her older sister Blossom – also died on January 14th – thirteen years later. Without Blossom, we would not have investigated beyond the public facade behind the "song-filled life" of Jeanette MacDonald.

Let’s celebrate the lives of both sisters today.

Here is some music for you to listen to or download:

Dream Lover (from her first film, The Love Parade)
Will You Remember (duet with Nelson Eddy and yes, we will remember!)
Italian Street Song (just fabulous!)
San Francisco (the one and only!)
Farewell to Dreams (duet with Nelson Eddy, his favorite recording with her)
Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes

PS: The photo above was Jeanette’s favorite.

eanette MacDonald I Married an Angel.jpg