Game Over! Watch the Sturbridge, MA meeting online!

This event, filmed in Sturbridge, MA on May 1, 2016, highlights the recent breakthrough of vital new information. Segments include Angela Messino’s tribute to Bernadette Schwartz, our wonderful social media moderator; I replay an audio interview of a January 2016  interview I did with a woman who was on the same hospital floor as Jeanette when Nelson was with her, he was running up and down the halls all agitated and patients were warned to stay out of his way; Katie Gardner discusses new information, photos and studio documentation regarding Jeanette’s pregnancies by Nelson; Angela explains her detailed inspection of Jeanette’s finances during 1954-5 and the financial abuse of her husband Gene (and Jeanette’s opening of a bank account as Jeanette A. MacDonald rather than Jeanette A. Raymond); the discovery of letters that were misleadingly quoted by others including the word LOVE in an original handwritten by Nelson Eddy that was whited out before publication (by the Jeanette fan club and also by another biographer); and I discuss two new sculptures by Nelson obtained by Maria Escano – Nelson as Vasilly from The Chocolate Soldier and a 1950 torso  of Jeanette.

Literally hundreds of hours went into the preparation of this meeting. I want to thank Angela, Katie and Maria, and the excellent video editing by Tracy Wilborn.

This meeting video is entitled GAME OVER. Watch it and you’ll see why!