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Nelson Eddy

Nelson Eddy

Here’s a great Nelson Eddy story…while filming “Maytime”, Nelson revealed that during his death scene, when John Barrymore comes to Nelson’s flat, says a few words and then pulls a revolver, Nelson’s scene was filming without Barrymore on the set! If you look carefully, you’ll notice that there are shots of Nelson at the piano, then rising and speaking to Barrymore, and then closeup shots of Barrymore as he does the grim deed. The two men are not in the same shot.

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Happy Birthday, Nelson Eddy! 1901-1967

Nelson Eddy

Nelson Eddy

Happy Birthday, Nelson!

You can make your own ringtone of his most famous duet with Jeanette, “Indian Love Call.” Here are the instructions:

Download it to your phone in the following ways: click on this link and download the mp3 file to your PC then transfer to your phone with a data cable or bluetooth. Or – download it direct to your mobile phone by WAP.

If you don’t understand the instructions above. then ask someone who is computer/cell phone savvy to help you! (That’s what I did!)


PS: There is a sale today at www.maceddy.com on books about Nelson Eddy’s life and career:

Sweethearts, an eye-opening duo-biography of Nelson and Jeanette MacDonald.

Nelson Eddy: The Opera Years, includes reproductions of Nelson’s personal scrapbooks and the most comprehensive study of his pre-Hollywood career ever published.

The Rosary: The #1 best seller of 1911, Nelson Eddy chose this novel as a possible film vehicle for himself and Jeanette MacDonald in a proposed 1948 return to MGM as a team. The story is similar to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre but the hero/heroine are singers. A new introduction includes excerpts from written correspondence between Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald about the plot’s similarity to their own lives.

Nelson Eddy Lifesize Bust, self-portrait. Yes, Nelson Eddy was a man of many talents, including sculpting. This lifesize bust was done around 1942.

More Nelson Eddy news about the sculpture he did of actress Anna May Wong here at the link.

Jeanette MacDonald – more birthday tributes, June 18

Jeanette MacDonald

Jeanette MacDonald

More thoughts on the birthday of Jeanette MacDonald:
Implacabile Dea says:

Let the critics say what they will regarding Miss MacDonald’s vocalism. I found out what opera was by watching her movies. The charm and vitality that she exuded could serve this current generation of singers well.

What a beautiful lady…

mrmyster says:

Dea – J. MacD was perhaps the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I met her once backstage at a performance of Faust in Hartford; she had come to watch the tenor as she was singing the role of Marguerite the following week in Philadelphia. MacD had come back stage to see D. Kirsten after the performance; I happened to be in Kirsten’s dressing room when J. came in — unbelievable beauty. The hair! The skin color! The sculpted face …. the nuanced and vivid speaking voice! NOW, if only her singing voice had been able to match that! But it did what was needed at the time, and as to you, she brought operatic experience to millions of people. God bless her; I loved her! But I preferred to listen to Steber and Kirsten and Traubel and Flagstad!


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