We get letters…

44 yrs. since Jeanette’s passing – doesn’t seem possible. I was young at the time but I do remember Nelson and how ill and sad I thought he looked. I always had the feeling they had loved each other all their lives, loved their movies, and “knew” they were in love. It is sad to think of that time. I feel sorry that Nelson did not see Jeanette before she passed; he probably did want to but was in denial. I can understand that. And I really believe Jeanette wanted him to be with her too. The Gene Raymond story of “Goodbye darling” is such a huge lie! Well, we know all about his lies throughout all the years, don’t we? He treated Jeanette shamefully at the end. I cannot stand the man.

Re Susanna Foster: I feel sad that she had such a terrible time, but with all of those mental problems in her family it must have been inevitable. She was so pretty and had such a fine voice. It is sad to read of her problems. Susanna had such talent and should have gone on and on at Universal or another studio.