We get emails…

“Nelson did not die. His substance changed. He lives in the hearts and minds of those he touched on the silver screen with his passion and love for what hem most wanted — to please his audience with a song –and today we thank you again, Nelson, for giving us your song. ” Miriam

“I came across their movies at our church flea market 2yrs ago in May and after watching “Naughty Marietta” I got hooked. I think my Mom told me that Nelson Eddy married another woman and Jeanette married another man when I was a young girl. I was so much in love with them just from watching them on TV and disappointed that they didn’t marry one another. Thank you again for giving us the truth even as sad as it was.”


I love you for all the effort you and your team put in to share all this news around and about Nelson and Jeanette.

You mention that they had a love relationship, this is not hard to believe, for two people to share the same love and interests as closely as Jeanette and Nelson did, to fall romantically in love with each other would be a natural consequence!

Once more thank you, and I do appreciate the new “blog.”