“The Rosary” now available on Kindle!

The Rosary is the next of our books to be offered as a Kindle book. Of all the proposed projects Jeanette and Nelson considered using for their movie comeback in the late 1940s, The Rosary seems to be tailor-made for them. In our edition, you can read the original novel as well as an introductory chapter with photos and the correspondence that went back and forth between Jeanette and Nelson as they discussed the book and the possibility of their filming it. Also included is the sheet music from the original song and background information and more photos about the novel’s author.

We have the paperback edition on sale (click on the photo above). Plus now you can get and immediately download the ebook at this link. It’s at a low introductory price for those who want to read it on their kindles, iphones, ipads or other smartphones or tablets (you just need to download the free Kindle app). Or download the free Kindle reader on Amazon’s website and download the book to your computer and read it that way!