Special microphone was built for the film “Naughty Marietta”

Earlier, microphones were known as transmitters. In 1878, Thomas Alva Edison made the first commercial microphone. It was a type of carbon microphone. Later, in Bell Laboratories in 1962, a new type of capacitor microphone was invented.

There were a number of microphones which have made their marks over the last few decades. Some of the names went on to create history but now they are a part of the vintage microphones.

-Altec model 647
-American model D76
-RCA KB-1A, MI-11000
-RCA KN-3A, MI-3045
-RCA carbon type 1
-RCA model BK-7, MI-11016
-Amperite model R80L
-Bruno labs RV-3
-General Electric or Westinghouse carbon or condenser microphones
-Remler, Turner, or Jenkins-Adair condenser microphones
-Western Electric carbon transmitter model 369
-Western Electric condenser housing model 9-A
-Turner model 51D
-Western Electric carbon transmitter model 273

The History & Development of Vintage Microphones

The early 1930s saw the movie industry trying out new technology to record musical scores. However, the range of microphones offered was low. In came the MGM Studios, in Culver City, CA, to try out the newly invented cardioid mic made by the Siemens Co, Germany. It was used to make “Naughty Marietta” with the likes of Jeanette McDonald and Nelson Eddy.