Shelley Winters Wed 10 hrs before she died?

UPDATE: just reported the following interesting news tidbit:

"Movie star Shelley Winters realized her dream of marrying boyfriend Gerry DeFord hours before she died this past weekend. The Poseidon Adventure star’s partner of 18 years called off the couple’s wedding plans after Winters’ daughter Vittoria Gassman publicly opposed the marriage. Gassman, who took charge of her mother’s estate while she battled drug problems, refused to give up her right to the actress’ fortune and Winters eventually decided to give up on her wedding dreams. But she became Mrs. Gerry DeFord on her death bed when actress pal Sally Kirkland, a legally ordained Los Angeles minister, wed the couple on Friday night. It was 85-year-old Winters’ fourth marriage and DeFord’s first. Winters died of heart failure 10 hours after exchanging vows."

Oscar-winning actress Shelley Winters died last week.

Here’s a link to the L.A. Times Obituary:


Under the name "Shelley Winter," she co-starred with Nelson in the 1944 film Knickerbocker Holiday (see photo above and in the next news item). She wrote about the film and a confrontation with Nelson in her autobiography…and the story was retold in book Sweethearts.

To read about Knickerbocker Holiday and see pictures from the making of the film, plus the Shelley Winters connection, you can also get the Mac/Eddy Today Volume 6 book, that covers the making of the film. The link is here: