Pinterest: Join us on the new Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy board!


It’s here, our official Jeanette MacDonald – Nelson Eddy Pinterest page!

Pinterest is the latest, hot social networking site, set up for folks to post and share beautiful photos and things that inspire them. It’s like an online personal pin board.

I and a few other club members have been busy this last week setting up categories and posting up interesting Jeanette and Nelson photos and links. The beauty of Pinterest is that you can easily see what’s there and you can re-pin photos you like on your own personal board. You can also easily upload photos to share from your own computer, from your smartphone camera, from other websites, etc. You can comment about the pictures or comment about other photos you see on Pinterest. It’s like your online scrapbook of things that are meaningful to you.

To sign up and follow our Jeanette/Nelson board, here is the link. Once you sign up you can follow our board (“maceddy”).

To learn more about Pinterest, click here. For an easy-to-follow instruction video about it, watch this YouTube video. (I did and that’s how I learned to use it.) Once you’re signed up you can access Pinterest anytime with your browser. With Firefox, for example, there is an add-on that allows you simply to right-click your mouse on a photo you find and then save it to your pinboard. The link for the Firefox add-on is here. For the Chrome browser add-on, click here. Pinterest also has a “Pin It” button for Internet Explorer and other browers. Plus if you have a smartphone or tablet you can download the free Pinterest app. In other words, it’s quite easy to use and integrate into your internet browsing.

At this writing we have over 500 photos pinned up for your enjoyment. We will be constantly adding more interesting photos of Jeanette and Nelson to our Pinterest page so it’s always a work in progress. Check back often and have fun using it!