Own Nelson Eddy’s pants from “Bitter Sweet”!

Nelson_Eddy_Bitter_Sweet Another piece of Hollywood memorabilia for sale from Debbie Reynolds. You can own the black pants that Nelson wore in this scene from the 1940 movie “Bitter Sweet.” Below is the tag showing that he wore it and the pants themselves, priced at $450.00. To purchase it click here. The item description:

Nelson Eddy “Carl Linden” black pants designed by Gile Steele from Bitter Sweet(MGM, 1940)  Black wool pants with two pockets, front button closure and accented with black satin ribbon down sides.  MGM label handwritten “NELSON EDDY 451 8409 33 ½ 33”.  Designed by Gile Steele.  Worn by Nelson Eddy as “Carl Linden” playing the piano and singing with his wife (Jeanette MacDonald) in Bitter Sweet.

Nelson Eddy's Bittersweet pants  Nelson Eddy