A wonderful Mac/Eddy weekend at Otteridge Farm

MacEddy at Otteridge Farm

We had an informative and fun weekend in Bedford, VA, at the home of one of our younger club members, Katie Gardner. The weekend was September 27-29, 2013. Two films and some interview videos were screened; we had a lengthy Q&A session with questions asked by Kitty Job, a club member visiting us all the way from China!

Mac/Eddy luncheon

Above, Katie presents our cooked-from-scratch Mac/Eddy luncheon which included: Virginia ham served in saucers (ala Maytime), Jeanette’s recipe for baked beans (with the India Relish included – delicious, in the end, but why were we surprised?), Jeanette’s recipe for brown bread (which she insisted should be served with the baked beans) and homemade lemonade (with maraschino cherries added to make the lemonade pink, per Jeanette), Nelson’s shortnin’ bread recipe, angel food cake and more! (For those interested in making these dishes, the recipes can be found at this link.)

More scenes from Otteridge Farm…Below, prize-winning show horses Rita and Frank who are real-life sweethearts and are inseparable…they go everywhere together even if only one is in a show…

Otteridge Farm

Special souvenir mugs made for the occasion…

otteridge mug

Our group at a restaurant together…including Evelyn Snow (purple sweater), celebrating her 78th birthday with us.

otteridge group

Once again the gorgeous scenery…

Fried green tomatoes, which were new to the non-Southerners among us…and delicious!

otteridge fried green tomatoes

Maria Escano (left) and Bernadette Schwartz, who runs our Yahoo group:

The rural beauty of the weekend at Otteridge Farm

During the discussions of the weekend, Katie reminded me that she had some interested eyewitness accounts to share. (It’s a 2-way street, I can spend hours answering questions but inevitably someone attending has information of their own to share!) I asked Katie to write it all up for me, and it’s such a lengthy report that I am posting it separately. You can read it at this link.

We had an amazing weekend and as we were tramp, tramp, tramping around the picturesque area on foot, we had to laugh that the Mac/Eddy group members make so many new friends, travel to places we’ve never been before, and in general have amazing adventures – all in the name of, memory of, appreciation of – Jeanette and Nelson!