Nelson Eddy and the Martin Van Buren Connection


Every President in U.S. history can be tied to Los Angeles. For each one that you think is too much of a stretch, take a shot. For each historical inaccuracy, take two.

Let’s begin…

George Washington (1) has a statue here, in Civic Center Park, presented by the citizens of Los Angeles School Children Women’s Community Service Auxiliary of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

One of the oldest middle schools in Los Angeles is named after John Adams (2). They sometimes call it “JAMS.”

Jane Floyd, retired black teacher from L.A., is said to be a great-great granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson (3).

James Madison (4) High School was at the heart of a debate over the control of large secondary schools in the LAUSD.

The students of James Monroe (5) High School once tried to change the name to Marilyn Monroe High, because they thought it would be more relevant using a modern era person instead of a President no one knows much about. Apparently, the Monroe Doctrine isn’t in the curriculum.

Actress Mary Kay Adams is a direct descendent of John Quincy Adams (6), who just happens to be the first president to have his photograph taken.

In 2008, the Center Theatre Group gave birth to a new rock musical revolution, with Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (7).

One of Martin Van Buren’s (8) most famous descendants is singer Nelson Eddy, who has 3 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame…


Actually, a careful study of the Van Buren family tree shows that President Martin Van Buren was related to Cornelis Maessen (Van Buren) while Nelson’s great-great-aunt Belinda Sophia Van Buren was related to Johannes Van Buren – a different family tree. For details, read the extensive articles with documentation regarding both Nelson’s and Jeanette’s genealogies in Mac/Eddy Today, Volume 68!