Mac/Eddy Today Journal #76 released!

Finally shipping!

Our 76th issue wrapping up 2017… rounding out our 40th anniversary with several tributes including celebrating Maytime‘s 80th anniversary;  a comprehensive article by Darryl Winston including a look at the top movie star rankings during the ’30s and early ’40s (and where Jeanette and Nelson fit in); a study of newly received paintings by Nelson done in his “blue” period of 1951-2 as well as busts, drawings, doodles and his nude torsos of Jeanette; an eyewitness write-up of Jeanette’s live 1944 operas; and early diary entries of Jeanette’s mother, Anna MacDonald, which shed some light on both her character and personal events going on in her daughter’s life. Also featured is the top Hollywood story in the news today – the Harvey Weinstein (and other moguls/actors) scandal and comparisons to the trials some stars endured with Louie B. Mayer…including young Shirley Temple. We have well-documented the heartbreaking interference of Mayer in the lives of Jeanette and and Nelson over the years. In a letter to columnist Hedda Hopper, Jeanette herself admitted that Nelson was basically “blacklisted” when she returned to MGM in the later 1940s…forget their proposed “joint” projects (such as The Rosary) or what became Three Daring Daughters, the bottom line was that Nelson was out and Jose Iturbi was in…

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