Jeanette/Nelson Event in Altoona, PA, March 13, 2010!

If you live near Altoona, PA or can get there on Saturday, March 13, please join us for one performance at 8 pm of “A Scandalous Affair” starring Hallie Neill and Theodore Lambrinos. The musical show is based on the book Sweethearts.

Sharon Rich will do a book signing and Q&A after the performance.

The evening is a fundraiser for the theater. Maybe you’re not aware of this but the chandelier in the theater is the very one that was used in the movie Maytime – when Jeanette and John Barrymore go to the court of Louie Napoleon! It was purchased at the MGM auction years ago and is a highlight of this beautiful theater!

Since this is a Saturday, we might try to put together a Mac/Eddy get-together in the afternoon as well. Please email us if you would like to attend a Mac/Eddy club event in the afternoon prior to the evening performance! This would probably be a free event since there is an admission fee for the evening show.

Tickets for the performance are available online at this link. You can learn more about the theater here.