Hello Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy fans from Grand Cayman!

A quick hello from an internet cafe on the island!

We’re having a great time…watching Jeanette and Nelson films, singing and preparing our talent show with the singers on our cruise, and just hanging out, swapping stories and eating 10 meals a day whether we need to or not!

I’m enjoying seeing that some of the first-time cruisers who were a bit timid on the first day – are now “part of the group” – laughing and making new friends. It’s just as I hoped it would be!

More updates and posting of photos later…or when we return. The internet connection is V-E-R-Y  slow onboard so may wait till Sunday to give you pix. I have to say, it is a wonderful thing seeing Jeanette and Nelson on the big screen on a cruise ship. But very, very satisfying!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon.