Happy Birthday, Jeanette MacDonald!

On June 18th, her 120th birthday… some interview quotes:

“I have worked terribly hard… maybe even much harder… than I should have. And you only find this out after you can look back at your experiences and see why you should have accepted things more instead of pushing, as I am sure I did. ”

“So much of my life zooms back at me as being a little ornery…. I guess there isn’t much I haven’t done. But … I think I missed having children. That’s the biggest order I never filled. It just wasn’t in the cards, I guess.”

“I never realized… how much … movie stars mean to people. Not what you do or what you say but just your presence, your being there. It makes you feel embarrassed and rather humble and happy all at once. To be able to bring that much pleasure to people makes me a very lucky woman. Very lucky.”