Happy Easter! Nelson & Jeanette sing for you…

Here are six mp3s (mostly from radio) for your listening pleasure:

Nelson Eddy singing “Keys of Heaven” with child soprano Lois Butler, 1945

Jeanette MacDonald singing “Christ the Lord Has Risen Today,” 1945

Nelson Eddy singing: “Open the Gates of the Temple,” 1945

Nelson Eddy singing: “Russian Easter Hymn”, 1946

Jeanette MacDonald singing “Come Thou Almighty King”, 1945

Nelson Eddy singing a beautiful Easter medley with  Lois Butler, 1946

By the way, Nelson’s introduction to the Easter medley is as timely today as it was back then… let us hope and pray for peace on this wonderful planet of ours!

These songs are excerpted from our CD albums JN108, JN127 and JN170.