Documentary exposes manipulative tactics of MGM & Louis B. Mayer

Last year I read an article in “Vanity Fair” about a documentary film entitled “Girl 27” about a dancer at MGM named Patricia Douglas who was raped by an MGM sales rep at an MGM-sponsored convention in 1937. She sued…but the power of MGM and in particular, studio boss Louis B. Mayer, resulted in the case – and the girl – vanishing. The original “Vanity Fair” article can be read here.

I finally had occasion to rent this film on DVD and I have to say, it was devastating. It is difficult at times to watch and not necessarily a perfect film…but its stark quality allows the victim to finally have her say and set the record straight. If you never believed a studio could wield such power over peoples’ lives, you need to watch it. Can’t understand why Jeanette MacDonald, in particular, followed Mayer’s wishes and gave up marrying Nelson Eddy “for her career”? Watch this and understand the viciousness of Mayer and his thugs. It will help you understand what these stars were up against.

You can probably reserve this movie from your local library, rent it from Blockbuster or Netflix, or purchase it from Amazon at the link below. Any way you do it, I highly recommend watching it.