40 years ago today….

…Nelson Eddy died in Miami, Florida. This is certainly a sad anniversary for those fans who learned the news that day. I’m sure many tears will be shed today from the older fans and also the younger ones–liike myself– who did not know of Nelson at that time.

We should remember that despite the day, Nelson left a legacy that lives on. And we can enjoy and cherish that, as will generations to come.

Many of our Los Angeles fan club members (and other fans) will be placing flowers today on his grave. If you’d like to email us a photo we will post it up for the other fans to share.

There is some comfort in knowing that fans who literally live all over the globe are thinking of Nelson Eddy today. Despite his being a somewhat humble man, I think it would amaze him and bring a smile to his face to know that he is in our thoughts on this March 6.