2005 Obit of Italian Actress Who Dubbed Jeanette’s Films


Argentina Brunetti, an actress and member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. since 1967, died of natural causes in Rome Dec. 20. She was 98.

Born in Buenos Aires to actress Mimi Aguglia, she came to Hollywood and was hired by MGM to dub the voices of Jeanette MacDonald and Norma Shearer into Italian.

She appeared in dozens of films including “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “My Cousin Rachel.” She had a recurring role on “General Hospital” in 1985-86 and appeared on TV shows including “Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Quincy,” “Gunsmoke” and “Bonanza.”

Brunetti became an interviewer for Voice of America, interviewing American actors for broadcast in Italy. She continued writing about Hollywood and was awarded the title of Cavalier of the Republic by the government of Italy for her efforts in enhancing Italian-U.S. relations through her film portrayals of Italians and Italian Americans.

Brunetti recently published a novel “In Sicilian Company” about her theatrical family.

Her son, Mario, plans to continue her showbiz blog at argentinabrunetti.com.