New Nelson and Jeanette Music For You to Download

With the holiday season upon us, here are two special mp3 treats that we have long-promised to give you: Nelson’s "Willie the Whale" and Jeanette’s "Cinderella."
They’re great for kids of all ages! 🙂 Seriously,
playing them for your children or grandchildren is a wonderful way to
introduce new generations to Nelson and Jeanette. NOTE: They are each
about 15 minutes long so it will take a minute or so to download each
file. When you go to the links, you can "save page as" to save the
music directly onto your computer.

If you would like to also download the original artwork from these releases, I recommend a wonderful website that not only has the artwork (and same music but split into several smaller files) from these two albums, but from many children’s records that you may fondly remember. Check out their site here. Jeanette’s "Cinderella" is on the 2005 page, Nelson’s "Willie" is on the 2006 page.