Jeanette MacDonald funeral

Bumping up the write-up about Jeanette MacDonald’s funeral TV footage today…  58 years ago today…

Watch it. There is nothing more telling about the Jeanette-Nelson relationship (except “This is Your Life”, of course) than the way Nelson is offered condolences by the other celebrity pallbearers. He’s also the last mourner to step outside the chapel, one can see it in the video footage.

Additionally, he took care of the overdue bills from her funeral expenses that were not paid; one can see some bills in the probate file folder.

The photo snapped of him a month later in Canada later shows a very different Nelson than most people would recognize; he’s quite thin and looks to be lost in his thoughts. Such a difference one month can make.

Nelson Eddy: “The most miserable day of my life” (Jeanette MacDonald’s funeral)