Happy Birthday, Nelson Eddy!

Nelson Eddy

Nelson Eddy…born June 29, 1901. We remember him today and celebrate his life. And who better to comment than  Jeanette MacDonald, his co-star in 8 films and in life. She  said: “I always thought him better looking in person than on the screen,” and added:

“No other man on the screen gives such an impression of eagerness and sincerity as Nelson Eddy. He is unique in this respect. It is this boy-like quality which appeals most to women — the quality of unsophisticated eagerness in a mature and attractive man. He is exactly the same on the screen as he is off…anxious to please…the least theatrical artist I’ve ever known. There’s not an ounce of affectation in him. He was destined for stardom from the beginning.”

Happy Birthday, Nelson!