Shipping Policy & Terms of Service


In most cases, all magazines, books, etc., are shipped Priority Mail in the U.S. with a tracking number. Global First Class or Priority are normally used for orders outside of the country.

Overnight Express Mail is available for an additional $20 charge in the US/Canada. This price applies to one envelope or package. We ship USPS and depending on your address in the United States, the post office may only guarantee 2nd day delivery. In this case if you absolutely must have the package overnight, please let us know in the “comments” section where and by what date the package must be delivered. We will then use FedEx if they can guarantee overnight delivery but the shipping charge is usually much more and we will charge you the exact amount we pay.

Also, if you want a large order sent Express Mail (ie, large enough that it will not fit into the normal flat-rate envelope or box), we will adjust the amount charged for shipping to the actual dollar amount once the package is shipped. If you live outside of the United States and want overnight shipping, please let us know in the “Comments” section when you check out with the shopping cart. In that case we will add in whatever the additional shipping charge is and notify you of the amount. Generally “express shipping” means about 2-3 days delivery time outside of the United States, according to the USPS website.

Please note that our shopping cart does not automatically adjust for the above-mentioned Express Mail shipping fee situations. We will manually adjust it for the actual costs for your particular situation and will notify you by email. Occasionally there are automatic software updates on this site and in the case where shipping fees don’t adjust correctly or aren’t added at all, we will contact you as to the actual costs and can either add them or cancel the order.

All items such as books and magazines have shipping calculated by the number of items in your order and what can fit into a particular flat rate packaging.

Note that if you live outside of the United States and put an item into your cart set at the US shipping rate instead of the outside-of-US rate, we will manually correct your order to reflect your shipping address and will adjust your credit card charge and notify you of the correction.

Although we generally ship orders within 48 hours of receipt, occasionally we have books and/or other items drop-shipped to you directly from the publisher or manufacturer, so need to take into account any such time variables. (You will be advised if something is being drop-shipped from the publisher.) Also, periodically the club offers advance sales or pre-sells at a discount price. In these instances you will be advised of the targeted shipping date.


If you receive an incorrect item or an item that is defective, please contact the club preferably by email before shipping it back. We will be glad to to replace an incorrect or defective item. some items are from decades old source material and may not be of commercial quality but are presented for historical value, so they cannot be returned unless incorrect or defective.

Terms of Service

Note that all magazine and book excerpts, interactive biography photos and articles by Sharon Rich are copyrighted with all rights reserved. If you plan to quote from any of them you must credit the source and author, and link back to the appropriate book, page, posts or pages on this website.

The club management has the right to refuse or terminate membership without refund or future mailings to any person known to have publicly attacked or threatened (in writing or otherwise) or made statements against Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald, Sharon Rich, this club, fellow members or club staff whether in person, on social media, in writing or in any other manner, or to have violated the following club policy in effect since 1977: “You may love either star but respect must be shown for both.” The above policy also applies to club events.  Admission to any club events will be denied if attendee is or has been known to be disruptive or has violated the policy noted above. Any orders placed by such people will not be processed.

Effective January 1, 2018, in keeping with the digital age of online social media and increased printing and shipping costs across the globe, we disbanded and ended all paid memberships. New magazines as released can now be ordered either in magazine format or ebook format. Any upcoming events are posted on the home page, as are our social media links.