Jeanette MacDonald Nelson Eddy Screensaver

Jeanette MacDonald | Nelson Eddy Screensaver Instructions:

Instructions for creating your own Mac/Eddy screensaver on your Windows computer. You might want to print this page and refer to it while following the steps.
1. Download any of our Photo Gallery pictures or take any of your existing Jeanette and/or Nelson photos on your computer. Save them all into a folder called “screensaver.” (Or whatever you want to title the folder.) If you have pictures already on your computer, you can copy them from whatever folder they’re in…and paste them into the folder “screensaver.” (It doesn’t matter how few or many pictures you put in “screensaver,” that’s your choice. Windows will rotate all the photos in the folder, so you’ll get to see them all on your screen!)

Note: If you don’t know how to download the photos, click on one of the small photos in our Photo Gallery, which will take you to a large photo. Right-click your mouse on the large photo, and click on “save image as.” Now you’ll see a choice of folders on your computer; use the drop-down menu to find your folder “screensaver” and then click on “save.”

2. Once you have all the photos you like saved in the “screensaver” directory, click on My Computer on your desktop. Then double click onto Control Panel. Once in Control Panel, click on Display.

3. Now you see the Display Properties. Click on Screensaver. On the left there is a drop-down with a list of screensavers. You need to choose My Pictures Slideshow.

4. Now click on Settings. You’ll get a screen that says: My Pictures Screensaver Options. Where it says “Use pictures in this folder,” click the Browse button. Find your “screensaver” folder and click OK. Click OK again to get you back to the main screen and hit Preview to see your screensaver. If all looks well, hit OK to get out of Control Panel.

It’s as easy as that! You can also add photos to the “screensaver” directory when you want, or delete them as well. Have fun!

PS: If the above is too high-tech for you, ask a relative or friend if they will help you you. My 14-year old niece was able to make a screen saver for me in about 2 minutes!