Links: Fan Fiction, Singers, Musicals, Screenings, etc.

We are always glad to post news from singers with upcoming performances (anywhere in the world) of a Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy tribute show, or a movie theater or other organization screening a MacDonald or Eddy film.  To provide date, time, venue and other details, please contact us.

So many people write to us wishing that Jeanette and Nelson’s story had a happier ending. Some writers wanted to take the facts published in Sweethearts as a base to write their own fictional story of Jeanette and Nelson  – with a happy ending.  If you would like to publish Jeanette and Nelson fan fiction, please contact Sharon Rich for a written authorized release to use Sweethearts as reference prior to your project going to press.

If you are interested in interviewing Sharon Rich, arranging a book signing, guest appearance or lecture, adapting the book or discussing the story in a film, play or musical; once again, use the contact form above for licensing information.

Below is a list of the authorized fan fiction:

Below is a list of singers who have adapted the story into a musical show (with written permission from Sharon Rich) and/or are club members who have recorded the Mac/Eddy songs.

  • A Scandalous Affair – Hallie Neill and Theodore Lambrinos. A husband-wife team, both well-known opera singers. Hallie wrote her play based on Sweethearts. The CD of A Scandalous Affair was  featured on the 50th Annual Grammy Awards first ballot in the category of Best Musical Show Album. Their show is frequently performed around the United States and was also a huge hit with the general public on our first Mac/Eddy Cruise.
  • Sweethearts: The Songs Made Famous by Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy. Sung by Barbra Russell and Ron Sharpe, a husband-wife team who met while singing on Broadway in Les Miserables and who produced the Broadway musical A Tale of Two Cities.
  • Chris Herden. Chris is planning an Australian production based on Sweethearts. He is scheduled to sing a cabaret version of his show in either Philadelphia or New York. You can watch a short YouTube clip at this link.