This Day in History: 1943-02-08

Jeanette and Nelson both officiate and sing at the funeral of their beloved friend Woody Van Dyke, who had directed them in 5 1/2 of their team films (he filmed part of “New Moon” but did not receive credit) as well as “San Francisco”, “Rosalie” and “Cairo”.  Despite newspaper reports that only Jeanette sang, June Caldwell, Woody’s last secretary who helped arrange the funeral and of course attended, in 2018 confirmed both Jeanette and Nelson’s participation, both in audio and filmed interviews: “Yes. Officiated at his service. And singing and talking about him and the joy of working with him and being friends with him. They had a very outstanding relationship.” Perhaps Nelson was not included in the original program details as he was so distraught over Woody’s passing, he called in sick and had to take time off from filming “Phantom of the Opera.”