Nelson Eddy Sculptures

You can now own a Limited Edition bust sculpted by Nelson Eddy! Nelson was a talented sculptor. For many years our members wrote us asking if we ever thought any of his busts would surface. Many of them wanted to own one.

We’re proud to be able to offer them now! A group of three busts done about the same time (1942) were located in a Hollywood sound stage that had been used for decades as a storage unit. A collector/dealer purchased the contents of the sound stage. He couldn’t identify the subjects of the busts…or the signature of the artist…but his mother, a veteran of the Hollywood years, quickly did. We were soon contacted and were able to verify that they were Nelson’s work since there existed photos of him sculpting two out of the three! Luckily we were able to purchase them, and found they were in surprisingly good shape and needed little restoration work (mostly the paint had chipped off). One is a self-portrait of Nelson — an amazing, lifesize likeness. One is of Jeanette, and one is of actress Anna May Wong. All three were signed by Nelson on the back and the Jeanette one is dated. The Jeanette original is the only one not lifesize. The photo below of Nelson sculpting Jeanette below shows it partially finished; we have the completed work. At this time, we are offering only the Nelson and Jeanette busts. Because people wanted a “matching” set of Nelson and Jeanette, we had Jeanette enlarged slightly to lifesize.

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