First look at Journal #76 – shipping to us next week!

Our latest magazine will be shipped to us before the end of this month! (Note: once received we will mail them out to members and/or to those who order the magazine as soon as we have them in-hand!)

It’s filled with great photos, a Maytime 80th anniversary tribute, a comprehensive article by Darryl Winston, a study of newly received paintings by Nelson done in his “blue” period of 1951-2,  an extensive eyewitness write-up of Jeanette’s live 1944 operas…and finally, early diary entries of Jeanette’s mother, Anna MacDonald, which shed some light on both her character and personal events going on in her daughter’s life.

Those who are paid club members will be sent this magazine*, others can order it at this link.

Stay tuned…we will soon announce a restructured plan for publication of upcoming journals for the new year!

Our best holiday wishes to you and your family!


*Subject to our Terms of Service